N.02 The Almond Green Essential Petite Brush

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The super little brush

This small brush is perfect for the bag. Beautiful, practical, it sublimates my hair.

Minh VU
Yes, it's really THE RIGHT BRUSH!

I am one of those who tried a dozen brushes, some of them for more than a hundred euros, before falling on that of "La Bonne Brosse".
It is indeed THE Good Brush, because it is the only one that does not hurt my sensitive scalp, which easily detrays my medium-long and relatively thick hair both dry and still wet after rinsing, which allows me to space the washes, which stopped an incipient hair loss by strengthening the structure. After two weeks, this brush made my hair more swollen, more vibrant, visibly healthy.
My choice of the small model came from the base of the search for a travel brush, a role that it fulfills perfectly, but I now use it daily and its size is actually an advantage because when detangling, it takes a smaller amount of hair and it makes the operation much easier. Its effectiveness is for my part totally demonstrated, but its softness is another asset that extends its action to an almost therapeutic use, indeed, I also use it for the purpose of relaxation and stimulation although it is not designed in this use.
I would make a reproach, its very gendered aesthetic, which will unfortunately not delight the male sex of which I am part. If it is not prohibitive, and I have no shame in exposing it, but an inclusive model could satisfy all those looking for the ideal brush.
I thank "La Bonne Brosse" for designing a hairbrush that combines all the qualities normally expected of a hairbrush.

Amicie GARDY
She's so chic!

I was already a fan of the Good Brush, I loved rediscovering the daily gesture of brushing for more fulfilled hair, quiet in my bathroom: with the Little Brush, I take everywhere my moment brushing!
And I'm never afraid to pull it out of my purse: it's so chic!

Christine Lopez
The little brush

Nice discovery of the number 1

Never disappointed!

I started with the big n"2, then I offered myself the big n"4, perfect complement to the n"2, I offered my daughter and my beautiful daughters n"3, n"4 to my granddaughters. I ended up falling for the little n"1, a real wonder! Since March I bought 11 brushes!, my last little girl is looking forward to her birthday, in February, to finally have hers.