How to space out washes?

The boar bristle, sebum’s best friend Keep calm & wash less Grease lightnin' Very greasy hair A girl's (and boy's) best friend
The boar bristle, sebum’s best friend

Which la bonne brosse hair brush to use to space out washes?

Every problem has a solution, and dirty hair can be resolved with our boar bristle hair brushes. Thanks to their keratin content, they help clean your hair by removing the impurities accumulated throughout the day, but also better distribute the sebum through the fiber to avoid greasy roots.
The properties of the following boar bristle brushes, N°01 The Universal, N°02 The Essential or N°03 The Essential Soft allow you to space out your shampoo washes, sometimes even reducing their frequency by 50%, without getting greasy hair!

We recommend brushing your hair twice a day, morning and night, starting at the temples and working your way to the top of your head and massaging the back.

Also remember to clean your hair brush every week for effective brushing. And for those who ride on two wheels and wear a helmet: a little brush after removing it is ideal because wearing a helmet or a cap increases sebum production and promotes greasy hair.

Keep calm & wash less

The vicious circle of hair washing

Who hasn’t noticed this phenomenon: the more often you wash your hair, the faster it tends to re-grease. On the contrary, if you don’t wash your hair for one week, it re-greases much less quickly after shampooing.

This is normal, and our ancestors understood it well: they washed their hair much less often and kept it cleaner for longer.
Too frequent washing stimulates the sebaceous glands and makes our roots greasier.
That’s why, at La Bonne Brosse, we’ll accompany you to better understand this phenomenon and slowly and simply space our your shampoo washes.
After a few weeks of regular brushing, you can reduce your weekly shampoo frequency by 50%. Let’s give it a go!

Grease lightnin'

Why does my hair get greasy so fast?

Do you feel like your hair is dirty?

There are several reasons: either because air pollution particles are settling on it, or simply because it is greasy.

But why? There are several possible explanations.

It may be due to excessive sebum production of the sebaceous glands, hormonal imbalance, inadequate nutrition or overstimulation of the hair due to frequent shampooing or aggression.

So how do you keep your hair clean without washing it too frequently?

Brushing will help distribute moisture (or sebum) throughout the hair fiber and avoid the “greasy” look.

Bit by bit and quite quickly, you should be able to last 1 or 2 more days than usual between each shampoo wash.

The solution: brush your way to clean hair

A traditional technique to use without moderation. Until recently, it was not typical to wash your hair daily. Instead a thorough brushing with a boar bristle brush was preferred.

Used for centuries, the properties of this hair brush need no introduction.

The keratin content of boar’s hair allows it to absorb excess sebum from the roots and redistribute it throughout the lengths, especially to the tips which are often dry. Thus protecting the roots from the oily nature of sebum.
In addition, thanks to its soft bristles, the boar bristle hair brush rids the scalp of all the impurities accumulated during the day (dead hair, dust, pollution) without irritating it.

Very greasy hair

How do i know if i have greasy hair?

Having greasy roots after several days without washing is a completely normal and natural phenomenon that should not be confused with a real problem of greasy hair, which is most often the result of chronic overstimulation of the seborrheic glands

We talk about greasy hair when it becomes greasy after 24 hours beyond the roots, and if it gets a shiny or wet appearance too quickly after washing.

For this type of hair, we recommend choosing a hair brush that is not too aggressive to the scalp such as our N 03 Essential Soft Brush

A girl's (and boy's) best friend

Dry shampoo: a great way to space out wet washes

Because brushing your hair regularly is not enough, we also advise you to use a dry shampoo to gain an extra day. If possible in powder form without an aerosol, to be applied with a brush. Note: the application method is everything in the performance of your dry shampoo!

The special case of dandruff

Regular brushing slows down the production of dandruff and massages the scalp so that it regains health and balance. However, it is important to choose your hair brush carefully so as not to overstimulate the sebaceous glands. Find all our advice on the link below.