How do you stimulate hair growth?

On average, we have between 100,000 and 150,000 hairs on our scalp, which grow and fall out on a daily basis in a continuous hair cycle. Hair loss is a natural and necessary phenomenon for a healthy head of hair.

At La Bonne Brosse, we’ve learned from our experts that hair loss is not inevitable and that regular brushing can slow down hair loss and restimulate hair growth. Explanations and solutions for all hair types below.

What the experts say Fine hair Thick hair
What the experts say

Hair loss has many factors

On average, we lose 50 to 100 hairs per day. However, during certain periods this loss intensifies. Our hair definitely feels the changes of the seasons and is sensitive to climatic and environmental changes. Especially at the end of the winter and in autumn, when the decrease in light, which is essential to the formation of keratin, favors the loss of hair follicles.
Other external factors can increase hair loss, such as stress, hormonal changes, the use of poor quality hair care products or an unbalanced diet. But there’s no need to worry as long as the hair loss is not sudden or linked to flaking. If this is the case, do not hesitate to consult a specialist; this could be a sign of illness that requires specific treatment such as alopecia or apoplexy.

As you know, our hair is representative of good health and requires special care depending on each situation!

Encourage hair growth with la bonne brosse

The biggest mistake is thinking that, to avoid hair loss, you should not brush your hair.

Quite the opposite! To keep your hair strong and dense, it is necessary to comb your hair daily to stimulate the blood vessels. This stimulation leads to blood flow, which gives the roots all the nutrients they need to ensure hair growth.

La Bonne Brosse has specially created two hair brushes to respectfully detangle your hair while stimulating growth.

Fine hair

Which brush should i use to stimulate hair growth?

Ideal for fine hair, the La Bonne Brosse N 01 Universal Brush or the N°02 Essential in boar bristles will detoxify your scalp.

Its soft boar bristles gently remove all the impurities that build up during the day: dead skin cells, pollution and dust. Repeating this gesture morning and evening activates the blood circulation to the hair bulbs with its massaging effect and thus stimulates hair growth.

Thick hair

Which brush to boost the density of thick hair?

Particularly recommended for thick hair, the La Bonne Brosse N°04 Miracle Brushin vegan-friendly nylon fibers will take care of your hair as effectively as the boar bristle brushes.

Covered with nylon ball tips, the hair brush penetrates deeper to reach as much of the hair as possible and to aerate your lengths.