How to get shiny hair?

A sign of beauty and vitality, hair is a true indicator of health and reflects our inner state. A healthy head of hair is characterized by its shine, which reflects the proper structural shaping of the hair fiber. Is your hair not shiny enough? Here are all our tips and recommendations for the best hair brush to make your hair shine!

Normal or fine hair Thick hair Shine bright like a diamond
Normal or fine hair

Which brush for shinier hair?

La Bonne Brosse hair brushes made of boar bristles bring natural shine and protection to your hair.

The structural composition of the keratin hair follicles oxygenates the scalp while making the hair fiber shine.

Thanks to its soft but firm ball tips, the Universal boar bristle brush detoxifies your hair by removing all the impurities that irritate it, but also bringing shine to the hair by distributing sebum evenly through the lengths.
Boar bristles penetrate the heart of the hair fiber, softening the hair, while lifting the roots from the scalp.

In addition, the structural composition of the keratin boar bristles allows the sebum to be distributed evenly through the lengths of the hair to give it a glossy appearance, thus compensating for the dullness of the hair.

Thick hair

And for thick hair?

If you have thick or curly hair, our Universalboar bristle and nylon fiber hair brush is the solution! With the same effects as the 100% boar bristle brush, this mixed-bristle brush penetrates the hair more deeply to detangle the lengths and give you hair a naturally healthy and shiny look!

Shine bright like a diamond

Hair cuticles, the protective barrier of the hair fiber

Hair that lacks shine is mainly due to alterations in the epidermis, also called the hair cuticle.

An essential indicator of hair health, this protective coating on the outer layer of the hair is composed of scales arranged like roof tiles. When the scales are closed, the hair fiber is sheathed and reflects the light, giving the hair a naturally smooth and shiny appearance. In cases of dull hair, these scales are open, and instead of reflecting light, the hair absorbs it.

What causes hair scale erosion? Chemical aggressions (coloring, silicone-based treatments), or exposure to pollution and fine particles. These aggressive elements suffocate the scalp, weaken the hair fiber and reduce the shine of the hair by forming a layer of impurity on the hair cuticle.