N.02 The Creamy White Essential Petite Brush

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Janick Lebreton
My little girl's Christmas

I am a priori satisfied with the small brush. But I give it to my 10-year-old daughter at Christmas. I can give you more information when she uses it.

Amazing and excellent

It is thanks to Veronika Loubry who presents high quality products and tests them very seriously, that I decided to buy my little brush. A major hair loss led me to review the tools I had used until then to style my hair. I thought this was an opportunity to change that and take care of my hair. After 3 weeks of use, I still can't believe it. First of all, I have a real pleasure brushing, my little blue bump is so pretty that I am very happy to use it. I didn't think a hairbrush was so important for hair. My little brush No. 3 is very soft with my irritated scalp and does not pull my hair out. Little by little, I space my shampoos. I no longer botch the brushing step and the results are there. Now I will order the large format brush and the detangling comb. Bravo and thank you very much!

Nathalie Gauthier
To try it is to adopt it!!

I have two brushes, the N.02 the indispensable in regular format and the N.04 the miracle small format and I love them and I would now like the N.01!!! They are really essential to me now, it is a real pleasure to brush your hair, it is now a moment of relaxation even and what does not spoil anything they are beautiful and the clutches are beautiful !! Thank you again for such beautiful and good brushes!!! 🙌🏻❤️🇨🇦

Esther Varoqui

These 2 little brushes are simply beauties and my hair and scalp have never looked better! I love it.

The right brush

It was the essential that we lacked the girl and me! So I bought 2 brushes for my daughter's long hair and mine shorter... I admit that brushing our hair is part of our routine. It's very different with good tools. Thank you we see the difference on our hair and the comfort brought by this daily gesture as pleasant and useful for our scalp and our hair of course.