Cleaning and maintaining your boar bristle brush

Hair is likely to be healthier when it is well looked after. So too for your haircare tools which must be kept clean if they are to keep your hair healthy and strong.

The dirt (dust, greasy substances etc.) contained between the bristles and tips of your hair brush are constantly redistributed throughout your hair when styling.

Cleaning your hair brush is therefore a question of hygiene. This is particularly true for boar bristle hair brushes, which, due to the density of their bristles, will retain more dust and other impurities than other brushes. Maintaining your boar bristle brush will also prolong its life.

How to clean your La Bonne Brosse boar bristle hair brush

Unlike wooden hair brushes that can warp and crack during cleaning, La Bonne Brosse boar bristle brushes are designed with sustainably sourced materials that are water resistant. This makes it easier to clean your hair brush.

To effectively clean the boar bristle brush, start by removing hair and other dust stuck between its bristles and spikes. You can use a comb or a miniature rake designed for this purpose.

Using these tools will avoid pulling too hard on the boar bristles of the hair brush, while thoroughly scraping away dirt deposited on the cushion. 

After each brushing session, removing the hair stuck between the tips of the brush will help avoid spreading the accumulated dirt through your hair and extend the life of your brush.

Once a month, you can clean your hair brush more thoroughly with a damp cloth. Run the cloth between each bristle to gently clean it and remove any dust inside. You can then let your hair brush air dry naturally with the bristles facing down. Avoid soaking your hair brush entirely in water to preserve the quality of the boar bristle follicles. 

When to clean your La Bonne Brosse boar bristle hair brush?

There are no real rules on how often you should clean your boar bristle brush. It all depends on how quickly it gets dirty, which varies according to the products you use and the nature of your hair. After each brushing session, you can remove hair with your hand, which will make things easier when it’s time to clean your boar bristle brush more thoroughly. 

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