I have an oily scalp

Why do you have an oily scalp? Perhaps it’s because, like 19% of women and 21% of men, your sebaceous glands overproduce sebum. The result: your hair gets greasy again 24 hours after shampooing. In addition, the hair bulb is suffocated under sebum over time, making you more susceptible to hair loss.

Where does the problem come from and how do you get beautiful hair again?

Sometimes the problem is genetic - in which case it's hard to fight - but most of the time, an oily scalp is caused by external factors. Among them: stress (which accelerates the production of glands), certain medications, endocrine disorders, overexposure to the sun and pollution, too much brushing, wearing a scooter helmet (and caps) or unsuitable hair care.

The first thing to do?

Get to the root of the problem by spacing out shampoo washes to calm down the sebaceous glands. Then, for a few weeks, use mild shampoos with a neutral ph. And of course, don't forget to brush your hair effectively.

Which hair brush to use?

The best thing to do is to choose a boar bristle hair brush rich in keratin and to brush your hair thoroughly morning and night. Designed to penetrate all hair types, it will properly distribute the sebum throughout your hair to help solve your scalp problem while giving you naturally beautiful hair.

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