Brushing for better hair hygiene

Why do you have to shampoo your hair more often to keep it clean? First of all, because your hair is attacked on a daily basis, between air pollution, dust, coloring residues, perspiration or even tobacco smoke, the enemies of your scalp are numerous and very often unavoidable. The problem? Frequent shampooing over-stimulates the scalp, which produces too much sebum and regrows faster than normal. To break this vicious circle and keep hair healthy and clean, the best thing to do is to brush your hair regularly.

Why comb your hair regularly?

First and foremost, to naturally moisturize the hair, rebalance the sebum and distribute it evenly throughout the hair fiber, from the roots to the ends. The second benefit of brushing? Getting rid of the impurities that accumulate in your hair without using any products. Which brings us to the third major benefit of brushing: it allows you to space out your shampoo washes considerably. The idea? Preserve your scalp, but also save time and lighten your mental load.

How to brush your hair for better hygiene?

First of all, by doing it twice a day for at least two minutes, and by using the right hair brush. From massaging nylon brushes to detangle your hair, or boar bristle brushes to moisturize and condition, our models are here to help you get clean and beautiful hair all year long!

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