N.04 THE MIRACLE Detangling Scalp Brush

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Julia Suillaud
A real new beauty gesture

I have been using the right brush for 4 weeks. I bought it in the middle of postpartum hair loss. Obviously it did not totally solve the problem.... But I see a clear improvement in the quality of my hair. I never brushed them before except when I got out of the shower. My hair is much softer and shinier! And (coincidence of the calendar or not...) I lose them much less. I don't regret my purchase at all!

Laurence Alliaume

This brush is perfect to untangle.

Sonia Chatti
Sublimated hair

I am very satisfied with the Bonne Brosse
On their advice I chose the N4 model for my curly but fine hair.
I can now untangle them with ease, their touch is silky and my hair is much shinier.
I am very happy to have chosen this superb brush!

OUDIN Monique
The incredible Labonnebrosse

Thin hair, without volume and a therapeutic treatment that causes a very severe loss of your hair. We must act quickly and here I have implemented everything!
But the incredible thing is Labonnebrosse who changed the texture of my hair. The miracle and only a few minutes a day!
Go for it without hesitation... A cost but a regret not to have known them before

Your brush certainly works miracles!

I offered my goddaughter for her 10th birthday a brush number 4. She has very beautiful curly hair but the untangling was a real ordeal. My sister told me she was blown away by your brush because she hadn't seen such pretty curls in a long time and Victoria had no pain during the untangling!