You have recently purchased a boar bristle hair brush from La Bonne Brosse, but you feel that somehow, your hair gets greasy faster after brushing it? Want to know how to space out your shampoos? Check out our tips and advice on how to get the most out of your boar bristle hair brush and get rid of greasy hair.

A boar bristle brush to enhance your hair

Our boar bristle brushes are the best hair brushes to prevent your hair from getting greasy. Thanks to their boar bristles, our hair brushes distribute the sebum all along the hair fiber and make your hair shiny and well nourished all the way to the ends! Say goodbye to brushes that are painful: our hair brushes bring the softness your hair deserves: relaxation guaranteed!

An effective detox to stop greasy hair

If you have never used our boar bristle brush before you may feel that your hair gets greasy faster in the first few weeks. Don't worry, this is absolutely normal! At first, your hair goes through a so-called "detox" period during which the sebum is gradually distributed throughout the length of your hair. In the beginning, the sebum is mainly on the top part of your hair, which is why your hair looks greasy. But after 3 to 4 weeks, the sebum will also reach the end of your lengths and be evenly distributed. Try it and see: your hair will say thank you!

Brushing your hair: the most common mistakes that make your hair more greasy

Sometimes we don't know how to brush our hair. And without knowing it, we can get into bad habits and make our hair more greasy and more fragile.

Here are some mistakes that you should avoid when brushing your hair:

1 - Pressing too hard on the roots

The risk of brushing your hair too hard is to unnecessarily stimulate the sebaceous glands and accelerate the production of sebum. To avoid this, we advise you not to make any sudden movements or press too hard on your roots while brushing your hair.

2 - Brushing your hair too often

Brushing your hair too often can also over-stimulate sebum production.

That's why we recommend using your boar bristle hair brush three times a day: once in the morning to detangle, once during the day to tone it up and once in the evening to remove the impurities accumulated during the day.

3 - Using an unsuitable hair brush

Most of us are using our hair brush everyday. It is the tool that is the most often in contact with your hair. Don't neglect the choice of this accessory!

Do your hair diagnosis online to find out which is the best boar bristle hair brush adapted to your needs: the Universal Hair Care Brush, the Essential Do-it-all Hair Brush or the Essential Soft Hair Brush.

4 - Detangling your hair from top to bottom

Many people are not even aware of this, but detangling your hair from the top to the bottom is not a good idea. Why? Simply because all your knots would end up near the ends of your hair! Instead, we advise you to start at the end and work your way up section by section.

5 - Not cleaning your hair brush

Brushing your hair with an unkempt brush is like putting dirt on your hair – keeping your hair clean would be almost impossible! So remember to regularly remove dead hair, dust and other impurities from your hair brush with a small comb. For a more thorough cleaning, you can also run a damp cloth between each bristle of your hair brush to remove the dust inside.