Techniques for brushing your hair


Even without reaching the 100 brush strokes that our grandmothers advise, it is important to brush your hair regularly. This beauty and care gesture does the hair a lot of good provided that it is done morning and evening for at least 2 minutes

Generally speaking, hair should be brushed from the inside out: lift each strand and brush from underneath, from the ends to the roots. This prevents frizz and doesn’t overload the cuticles of the hair fiber. Gently work your way up the sides to the top of your head. When you get to the roots, brush gently so as not to irritate your scalp or overwork the sebaceous glands, which could lead to greasy hair. Once this first brushing is done, with your head down, brush it from the nape of the neck up to the forehead. This position allows you to loosen the roots of the scalp, to bring volume while stimulating blood circulation and hair growth.

Properly brushing hair is above all a matter of using the right styling tool: a boar bristle or nylon hair brush or a large-tooth comb? La Bonne Brosse aka The Good Brush is here to help you find the best brush for your hair type.

How to brush straight or soft hair?

On straight or soft hair, it is recommended to brush your hair when it’s dry. When wet, straight hair is weakened and breaks easily. If you absolutely must detangle your hair when it's wet, opt for a large-tooth comb that gently detangles the hair without weakening it.

Straight hair is often hair that lacks volume. The boar bristle hair brush is your best ally. 100% boar hair, this brush brings substance to your hair while making it shinier. Discover all our tips to bring volume and shine to your hair!

How to brush curly hair?

On curly hair, the method of brushing is not the same, in fact, it's quite the opposite! This type of hair usually has a lot of texture and volume. Brushing curly hair when it’s dry will break the curls and give even more volume, which people with this type of hair want to avoid at all costs! It’s preferable to brush curly hair when it is wet. Unlike straight hair, humidity does not weaken curly hair.

If you have very tight curls, we recommend using La Bonne Brosse's large tooth comb. For hair with softer curls, the vegan 100% hair brush will offer a thorough brushing. Its soft and firm spikes penetrate the hair, effectively detangling it without breaking the curls!

Rejuvenate your hair while brushing

Whether straight, curly, dry or wet, brushing your hair has a relaxing, almost meditative effect. Every day we follow a hectic pace, leaving little room for our mental well-being.

What if you took advantage of these few minutes of daily brushing to recharge your batteries and take some time for yourself?

Like the rest of our body, the hair and scalp are affected by our mental state. Brushing your hair is a moment to yourself, ideal for a few minutes of reflection. During this slow routine, fill your head with positive thoughts. This boost of optimism gives your body a feeling of well-being, relieves stress and nourishes your vital energy. Brushing your hair is more than a technique, it’s a true beauty and health ritual!


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