Nourish and moisturize your hair by optimizing the distribution of sebum on the fiber, promote microcirculation of the scalp and hair regrowth, and make your hair more sheathed and shiny: brushing is the best way to get naturally beautiful hair. But that's not all: the simple act of combing your hair is also an anti-stress gesture, which acts directly on the vascular system. There are so many benefits that make brushing an essential daily ritual, or rather rituals, since there are many ways to take care of your hair with brushing, from detangling to the best gestures to accompany a sebum cure. And different hair brushes, too, adapted to different needs and times of day.

Each hair ritual has its own beauty, health and well-being benefits

Straight, curly, fine or thick hair: our hair brushes are designed to adapt to all hair types. Equipped with 100% vegan nylon fibers, organic boar bristles or a combination of both, they allow you to perform different types of hair brushing. Among them: beauty brushing, to detangle and discipline the hair; massage brushing, to soften the scalp and relax you, or youthful brushing, for healthier hair. These gestures will allow you, among other benefits, to have beautiful hair, but also to reduce the number of shampoo washes and cosmetics needed to maintain it. So it's up to you!

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