How to protect your hair at night?

Why should you protect your hair at night? Simply because it gets tangled, broken, dehydrated or oily if your pillow is saturated with sebum or small bacteria from sweating. To have beautiful hair, you must maintain it before and after going to sleep. We advise you to start by getting a silk pillowcase, this material prevents your hair from drying out by not absorbing the water it contains. Of course, it’s also possible to wear a silk nightcap to get the same result while avoiding friction, but it’s an aesthetic choice that not everyone is ready to make... Also, other gestures, such as brushing your hair, can help you to wake up with a healthy head of hair .

How to protect your hair?

Start by brushing your hair before going to bed. A gesture that should become a reflex, just like brushing your teeth. The idea? To rid your hair of impurities, but also to detangle and aerate it. Don't hesitate to take a nylon fiber massaging hair brush to give yourself a two minute self-massage and stimulate the scalp’s microcirculation. And if you have long hair, quickly tie it in a braid with a soft elastic band or a simple tie before closing your eyes. This is still the best way to wake up with beautiful hair.

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