Wash your hair less often for healthy hair

In the past, hair was rarely washed without it being considered as a lack of care or cleanliness. Quite the contrary! The ladies of the time all had long, beautiful, silky hair that was only washed once a month.

Over the years, the need for hygiene has increased, pushing us to shampoo our hair more often, and wash it weekly or even daily. On top of the time it consumes, washing hair too frequently directly impacts its health and beauty.

The vicious cycle of hair washing

Beautiful hair is dependent on a healthy scalp. As with skin, washing the hair too often damages the skin barrier and irritates the scalp. Some shampoos and hair products contain chemical ingredients that attack the hair and disrupt the production of sebum contained in the sebaceous glands.

Weakened by these attacks, the sebaceous glands produce excess sebum to protect the scalp. This excess sebum remains on the scalp, coating the roots and giving them that shiny look, which creates a vicious circle of washing hair to keep it clean.

Getting out of this vicious circle is simple: just space out your shampoo washes. Although this will mean having greasy hair for several weeks, the time it takes for sebum production to normalize.

Washing your hair by brushing it? The old-fashioned technique with no compromise

Until recently, it was not customary to wash your hair every day. Instead, a thorough brushing witha boar bristle hair brush was preferred. Used for centuries, the virtues of this hair brush need no introduction.

The keratin content of the boar hair absorbs the excess of sebum contained at the roots and redistributes it throughout the lengths, in particular at the tips which are often dry. Thus protecting the roots from the oily sebum.

Moreover, thanks to its soft tips, the boar bristle hair brush rids the scalp of all the impurities accumulated during the day (dead hair, dust, pollution) without irritating it. The properties of the boar bristle hair brush allow you to space out your shampoos twice as much without having greasy hair!


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