I have a dry and irritated scalp

Do you have a dry and painful scalp? Even dandruff? And you still want naturally beautiful hair? A simple daily gesture can help you solve this problem: brushing.

Indeed, effectively stimulating the scalp with a suitable hair brush makes it possible to nourish and hydrate it without damaging the cells it’s made up of and worsening the problem. You should also avoid different aggressions, such as excessive use of a hair dryer, straighteners or stripping shampoos.

The art of brushing hair

Proper brushing starts with a good hair brush and a good technique.

We recommend gently detangling your hair twice a day and at least three times a week with our hair brush made entirely of nylon fibers to avoid disturbing your hair fiber and prevent breakage. Then, our keratin-rich boar bristle brush will effectively distribute the sebum from your roots to your tips to better nourish them.

Massages that are as gentle as they are effective

Be careful not to brush your hair too vigorously, at the risk of damaging an already sensitive scalp. The best thing to do is simply to move your hair brush from the temples to the back and from the top of the head to the nape of the neck without pressing too hard, but massaging enough to feel the benefits.

The other advantage? You'll have hair that's fuller and shinier than ever.

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