I have fine hair

Hair that is thin and not oil-rich is known as fine hair, and among other things, it may also be flat and frizzy. It's just the nature of your hair, and you can't really change that. But is that a reason to give up on beautiful hair? Not at all! Whether it's a sheathing problem or a discipline problem, a fine hair brush will help you get the volume you want. But you still need to choose the right model, and we're here to help.

Which brush should you choose for fine hair?

Rich in keratin, our boar bristle hair brushes are ideal for sheathing your hair fiber and distributing sebum from the roots to the tips. A tool that we invite you to use as often as possible (at least twice a day) for greater efficiency.

And how do you brush your hair? By massaging it well from the temples to the back of the head, then from the top towards the nape of the neck. In addition, hair masks and shampoos with keratin, flax fibers and/or castor oil will help you to deeply nourish the hair fiber and moisturize your scalp.

A new beauty ritual that will give you beautiful hair and precious moments of well-being!


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