Beauty is all about ritual and repetition

At La Bonne Brosse we want to help you to take back control of your hair, to reconnect with it, how it feels and how it falls.

We have carried out years of research and tests and now we believe we are well placed to help.

Who are we? Flore and Pauline, school friends, both passionate about the beauty industry, to the point of each spending more than 10 years working for some of the biggest brands in the sector. One year ago we discovered something else we had in common: neither of us really knew what to do with our hair.

We started to study the hair and scalp in minute detail. We investigated how they behave under the influence of the multiple ingredients and techniques that purport to do the world of good. We spent hours in the fascinating company of the best French brushmakers. Armed with our new found knowledge, we were increasingly convinced that beautiful hair comes first and foremost from the right ritual, the right routine. That's why we have decided to start by fine tuning the one tool that is capable of reviving the hair: the hair brush. For this one, essential tool has the power to reinvigorate even the most tired, difficult or unhealthy hair.

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