Yogis are unanimous : practicing inversions boosts hair growth! It's again a matter of blood flow. When you are upside down, microcirculation is reactivated. Better oxygenated and nourished, hair grows faster and stronger. 

If you're a yoga enthusiast, we recommend the headstand posture : Sirsasana, once a day for as long as possible. Beginners may opt for the downward-facing dog posture : Adho Mukha, again holding it for as long as possible. 

And to amplify the effects of these postures, if possible, every evening lie on your bed and gently let your head fall backward against the mattress edge for a few minutes. Radical. 

A good brushing with a quality brush will perfectly complete your yogi ritual by continuing to stimulate the microcirculation of your scalp for healthy hair. Choose one with boar bristles or boar bristles and nylon and brush your scalp deeply and gently to maximize the effects of brushing.