You've often dreamed of the perfect hair brush, but your hopes of finding it are gone? Think again! There is a miracle brush that detangles and deeply moisturizes all hair types. Find out all the benefits of the boar bristle brush La Bonne Brosse aka The Good Brush!

Boar bristles brush: your best ally to take care of your hair

If you have damaged hair or if you are looking for a way to gently detangle and massage your hair, choose a boar bristle brush! Did you know that boar bristles have the same composition as our own hair? Because they are rich in keratin, boar bristles improve the elasticity, waterproofing and resistance of our hair. But that's not all: they also allow for gentle detangling and better sebum distribution. After brushing, the hair is nourished, soothed and shiny: it comes back to life!

Brushing is essential for hair care. Don't neglect this step! For an optimal use of your hair brush, brush your hair when it is dry, starting from the ends. Focus on the scalp with gentle, slow movements.

La Bonne Brosse boar bristle brush: a must in order to have beautiful hair

Detangling hair while getting rid of impurities and tensions accumulated during the day : this is the vocation of La Bonne Brosse ! Carefully crafted in the French brushing tradition, our boar bristle hair brushes N°01, 02 and 03 are designed to protect your hair and scalp. Cut at the root, where they are richest in keratin, our boar bristles are selected with a unique know-how and precision. Thanks to this ancestral craft technique, our boar bristle hair brushes are particularly pleasant and efficient.
We might as well warn you, you won't be able to do without them! This is why we have also designed small detangling brushes: light and practical, our Small Brushes can easily be slipped into your pocket or handbag and accompany you wherever you go!

Beauty often relies on hair care! At La Bonne Brosse, there is a brush for every type of hair : curly hair, curly hair, fine hair... Do your La Bonne Brosse hair diagnosis and find out which hair brush is best suited to your hair.