Who hasn’t dreamed of having beautiful, voluminous and silky hair? Many are unaware of this, but the hair brush you use can have a big impact on the health of your hair. Having great hair can be as simple as that! Find out our best hair brushes: the Universal Hair Care Brush, the Essential Do-it-All Brush and the Essential Soft Hair Brush. Exceptional boar bristle brushes designed for your well-being!

Which hair brush should I choose if my hair is dry?

Because it contains boar bristles, the Universal Hair Care Brush is the best hair brush to fight dry hair. How does it work? It simply removes sebum from the roots and distributes it evenly over the entire length of the hair. Say goodbye to greasy roots and dry ends: your hair is moisturized all the way through!

Which is the best hair brush for fine hair?

If you have fine hair and are looking for a solution to stop losing hair and gain volume, then you should definitely opt for a boar bristle brush to deeply nourish your hair and accelerate regrowth. Since fine hair also tends to tangle easily, we particularly recommend the Essential Do-it-All hair brush. The combination of boar bristles and nylons is ideal for detangling knots effectively and gentle!

Which boar bristle brush should I choose if I have an irritated scalp?

If you have a fragile and irritated scalp, the Essential Soft Hair Brush will work wonders. Designed to adapt to the most sensitive scalps, this boar bristle brush is even suitable for children! Much more than a detangling session, you will get a real massage. Surely there is nothing better to relax and start - or end - the day in style!

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