Florence Elkouby


Together with Romain Lazurowicz, they form an explosive duo of energy and calm that understands our needs. Experts in the design of beauty objects and
staging, lovers of color, but also of spaces, as they also dabble in  interior design.


1. What was your reaction when Pauline and Flore approached you to design La Bonne Brosse?

We were very touched to reunite with Pauline, who we had already worked with in another life. We were also happy that she trusted us with this project, as it is slightly different from our core business: the creation of cosmetic products. We felt it was the perfect opportunity to create a bridge between cosmetics and lifestyle, which is our second “hat”.


2. What were the biggest challenges?

Convincing Flore, whom we didn't know, and not disappointing Pauline who trusted us. More seriously, the whole challenge was to create a new product with a strong identity, while appealing to the greatest number of people.


3. You have imagined La Bonne Brosse as a beautiful object, to be displayed in the bathroom...

For us, a hair brush, beyond its basic function, is both a fashion accessory and a decorative object that we want to take out of our bag and display in our bathroom, much like a bottle of perfume or a lipstick. Existing hair brushes are either qualitative and not very aesthetic, fun and colorful but not very efficient, or cheap and not adapted to a demanding clientele. With La Bonne Brosse, we have created a hair brush that is efficient, practical, aesthetic and has a high perceived value.


4. Can you tell us about your work with different colors?

Color is at the heart of our business. Perfume, make-up, decoration — whatever the subject, color is our main angle of attack. We wanted to create colors that are exclusive, desirable and harmonious with each other. All with a little fall twist to match the timing of the launch.


 5. La Bonne Brosse is a luxury hair accessory. Are these criteria more and more requested by your customers?

Yes. Today, durability is at the heart of all topics. A luxury product must above all last over time. Perfume bottles, lipstick, cream containers and hair products must all be beautiful and refillable. The disposable era is well and truly over. The proof: brands, like consumers, are ready to invest in quality products that will last a long time. This is the case with La Bonne Brosse hair brushes: they are beautiful, luxurious, high quality and destined to accompany us for a long time.