As you probably know, your hair needs to be cared for. But straight hair is not cared for in the same way as curly hair! Find out how to brush your curly or frizzy hair without breaking or damaging it with La bonne Brosse.

Is it a good idea to brush curly hair?

If you are tired of having your hair disheveled after each brushing, rest assured: there is a technique to avoid this. You are allowed to brush your curly hair, just don't do it when it's dry!
Unlike straight hair, type 3 curly hair needs to be damp during brushing: a good habit that will help you keep your curls looking good! But be careful not to use just any hair brush. With its soft and resistant nylon fibers, The Miracle Detangling Scalp Hair Brush is suitable for all hair types, including curly hair. This vegan hair brush gently removes tangles from even the thickest hair! There is nothing simpler: start with the ends and work your way up to the roots. This will avoid breaking your hair and creating knots. There's no need to brush every day: brushing every 5 or 6 days or after washing is usually enough for curly hair.

Thanks to its boar bristles rich in keratin and with a composition similar to our own hair, The Essential Do-it-all Hair Brush is also an alternative you can choose to take care of your curly hair. The boar bristles naturally moisturize your hair, while the nylon fibers gently detangle it.

How to brush frizzy hair without damaging it?

For type 4 or frizzy hair, brushing on damp hair is also important. Because it tends to be drier, frizzy hair requires special treatment. Before you start your detangling session, spray mineral water on your head and apply vegetable oil to your lengths: the hair fiber will be softened and your hair will be hydrated. When this is done, run your fingers through your hair to remove the first knots and then, proceed to detangle. Frizzy hair is more voluminous than straight hair, therefore it requires the use of a suitable accessory. To respect your curls, we advise you to choose a detangling comb with wide-spread teeth. La Bonne Brosse detangling combs are both soft and strong: that is why they are perfect for frizzy hair. Just like curly hair, it is not necessary to brush frizzy hair every day: brushing once or twice a week after washing is more than enough.