"Style your hair like this, don't touch your color, you should at least trim your ends..." 

We've all heard these (sometimes annoying) comments from our mothers. La Bonne Brosse offers you a selection of the most effective yet also most irritating ones. 

The most effective hair advice, the ones we should listen to: 1- "Take care of your hair like you do your skin." Why? Because like our skin, our hair faces daily aggressions: pollution, UV rays, styling tools... Meanwhile, the scalp deals with stress and the application of not always clean formulas... 

La Bonne Brosse's advice: Detangle your hair morning and evening, as this action is equivalent to removing makeup for the skin. By detangling, you purify your hair from all the particles and dust that have accumulated. Additionally, brushing your hair stimulates the scalp's blood circulation, promoting hair growth. 

2- "Admit that nature knows best!" Why? Simply because even hairdressers acknowledge it: Mother Nature creates harmonious faces by ensuring the right complexion, hair color, eyebrows, eyes... Have you noticed that changing your hair color can affect your complexion? 

La Bonne Brosse's advice: Before disrupting this harmony, think carefully, seek advice, and if possible, do a test. 

3- "Forget about trends (bangs, bleaching, curls...)" Why? Because not all faces can pull off a short fringe, a mullet cut, or bleaching equally well. Furthermore, it's important to remember that these trends are crafted by image experts who leave nothing to chance. 

La Bonne Brosse's advice: Embrace trends without losing your personality. Want a change? Create a mood board of images and evolve your style accordingly. 

4- "Tie your hair up before sleeping." Why? At night, the friction of hair against cotton or linen pillowcases tends to dehydrate the hair. Additionally, knots can form as we toss and turn during sleep. 

La Bonne Brosse's advice: After detangling your hair at night, warm a bit of hair oil between your hands, then apply it to your lengths before loosely braiding them. In the morning, your hair will be hydrated, detangled, and perfectly conditioned for the day. 

5- "Always restyle before a meeting." Why? Because feeling well-groomed boosts morale and self-confidence. So don't hesitate to brush your hair before every important moment. Additionally, the massaging action of the hairbrush on the scalp can help reduce stress. 

La Bonne Brosse's advice: Before every professional and even personal appointment (including before sitting down to eat with your family), brush your entire hair with one of our hairbrushes. The result? Stronger, healthier hair and boosted self-confidence. 

The most irritating ones, the ones we gladly ignore: 1- "A pixie cut is more feminine and practical..." Certainly, a pixie cut can be very feminine, as it showcases the neckline. However, short hair doesn't suit all faces and hair textures. Moreover, these hairstyles require a lot of maintenance. Firstly, you need to schedule monthly appointments with your hairdresser. Secondly, you have to style them every morning, and it's not uncommon to have to wet them to tame a cowlick... Whereas long hair can simply be tied up on bad hair days. 

2- "After 40, you should cut your hair." A dictum that still echoes today despite being outdated. At La Bonne Brosse, we believe that wearing long hair at any age is incredibly beautiful. The only condition: the lengths must be well-maintained, healthy, and shiny. 

3- "Bangs are only for little girls..." For many mothers, bangs remind them of the ones we had in primary school to keep hair out of our eyes in class. Does this opinion stop you from getting yours? In 2022, there is a multitude of bangs and even longer fringe styles that have nothing to do with your childhood bangs. In some cases, they even have a very edgy look. 

4- "Nothing ages you more than a bob haircut..." It's true, when our mothers envision a bob haircut, they often picture a strict chin-length bob topped with a velvet headband and paired with a Peter Pan collar blouse... However, the bob, like the Peter Pan collar, is by no means dated and does not age you at all! On the contrary! Once again, remember that it's all about attitude and appropriation. Trust yourself! 

5- "Leaving your gray hair visible looks sloppy..." On the contrary, embracing your gray hair is a sign of self-confidence and serenity. Why hide your gray hair when you're at peace with it? However, like all choices, the "salt and pepper" effect requires a bit of effort. Namely: moisturizing treatments, a good haircut, flawless complexion, and attention to clothing.